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IPUMS Geomarker data are available free of charge. Before using the data, researchers must complete this registration and agree to abide by the usage license specified below. By completing this application, you agree to receive occasional email messages. Such messages will be infrequent, and we will safeguard the confidentiality of your email address.

By completing this registration, you agree to the following terms of use.

You may publish a subset of the data to meet journal requirements for accessing data related to a particular publication. Contact us for permission for any other redistribution; we will consider requests for free and commercial redistribution.
For information on proper citation refer to citation and use. Publications and research reports making use of GeoMarker should be added to our Bibliography.
Geocoding services and data are provided for the exclusive purposes of scholarly research and teaching. Users are prohibited from using GeoMarker in the pursuit of any commercial or income-generating venture. The publishing of research results, such as tables, models, figures and maps, based on GeoMarker data is permitted in communications such as scholarly papers, journals, and research reports.
  1. received appropriate authorization as required by HIPAA from the individuals whose PHI is being submitted; or
  2. received a waiver of authorization from an IRB for such PHI; or
  3. are submitting a Limited Data Set (as defined by HIPAA) for purposes of research, public health or health care operations (all as defined by HIPAA). If you are submitting a Limited Data Set, the University will (i) only use the Limited Data Set for the purposes of performing geocoding and linking of contextual variables requested by the User, (ii) not further use or disclose the Limited Data Set, (iii) use appropriate safeguards to prevent further use or disclosure of the Limited Data Set, (iv) report to the User any use or disclosure of the Limited Data Set beyond the purposes described here of which University becomes aware, (v) ensure that any of the University’s agents who may have access to the Limited Data Set agree to the same terms and conditions provided for here, and (vi) not attempt to identify the individuals whose information is included in the Limited Data Set or attempt to contact such individuals. For additional information about submitting a Limited Data Set to the University for analysis, please contact IPUMS GeoMarker user support at

IMPORTANT: These terms of use are a legally binding agreement. You can use the data only in accordance with these terms, and any other use is a violation of the agreement. Violations may result in revocation of the agreement and prohibition from using other IPUMS data. If IPUMS or our partners are harmed from your violation, you are responsible for all damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses.