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IPUMS Terra data are available free of charge. Before using the data, researchers must complete this registration and agree to abide by the usage license specified below. By completing this application, you agree to receive occasional email messages. Such messages will be infrequent, and we will safeguard the confidentiality of your email address.

Application to Use Restricted Microdata

IPUMS Terra makes IPUMS International microdata available free of charge, but their use imposes responsibilities upon the user. To access the data, a prospective user must submit an electronic authorization form (this form) identifying the user by name, electronic address, and institutional affiliation. The investigator must state the purpose of the proposed project and agree to abide by the regulations specified below. If multiple investigators are involved in a project, all must register separately.

Provide at least 50 words in English describing your research project or educational use for the data. Your description should indicate the country(s) and time period you intend to study. This description will be used to evaluate your application.

Usage Licenses

By completing this registration, you agree to the following terms of use.

For IPUMS Terra area, raster and boundary data, you may publish a subset of the data to meet journal requirements for accessing data related to a particular publication. Contact us for permission for any other redistribution of this data.
For information on proper citation refer to citation and use. Publications and research reports making use of IPUMS Terra should be added to our Bibliography.

Please check all of the following boxes to indicate that you have read about the limitations of the IPUMS International data and you agree to abide by the conditions of use. The purpose of this license is to specify the terms and conditions under which integrated microdata samples disseminated by IPUMS International of the University of Minnesota may be used.

All data extracted from the IPUMS International database are intended solely for the use of the licensee. Under IPUMS International agreements with collaborating agencies, redistribution of the data to third parties is prohibited. Each member of a research team using the data must apply for access and be licensed individually.
These microdata extracts are provided for the exclusive purposes of teaching and scholarly research, and may not be used for any other purposes without explicit written approval from the relevant official statistical authority. Users are prohibited from using IPUMS International data or other authorized distributors in the pursuit of any commercial or income-generating venture either privately, or otherwise. The publishing of research results based on IPUMS International microdata is permitted in communications such as scholarly papers, journals, research reports and the like. Using this data for genealogical purposes is strictly prohibited.
Users will maintain the confidentiality of persons and households. All direct identifiers, as well as any characteristics that might lead to identification, are omitted from the data. Any attempt to ascertain the identity of persons or households from the microdata is prohibited. Alleging that a person or household has been identified in these data is also prohibited. Statistical results that might reveal the identity of persons or entities may not be reported or published in any form.
Users will implement security measures to prevent unauthorized access to microdata acquired from IPUMS International, its partners or authorized distributors. Upon the completion of this research, data extracts may be retained only if they can be safely secured. If security cannot be guaranteed, the microdata must be destroyed.
You are required to cite IPUMS International and the relevant official statistical authority as the source of the microdata. Each extract is accompanied by appropriate citation language and for information on proper citation refer to citation and use. Publications and research reports making use of IPUMS International should be added to our Bibliography.
Violation of this agreement will lead to revocation of this license, recall of all microdata acquired, a motion of censure to the relevant professional organization(s) and civil prosecution under national or international statutes, at the discretion of the Regents of the University of Minnesota and the official statistical agencies. Sanctions likewise may be taken against the institution with which the violator is affiliated.

IPUMS INTERNATIONAL LEGAL NOTICE: Submission of this application constitutes a legally binding agreement between the applicant, the applicant's institution, the University of Minnesota, and the relevant official statistical authorities. Submitting false, misleading or fraudulent information constitutes a violation of this agreement.

IMPORTANT: These terms of use are a legally binding agreement. You can use the data only in accordance with these terms, and any other use is a violation of the agreement. Violations may result in revocation of the agreement and prohibition from using other IPUMS data. If IPUMS or our partners are harmed from your violation, you are responsible for all damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses.